Three Blouses and a skirt


Photo #1 and #2
This material is linen, 60 inches wide and only one yard long. I decided to make two blouses.
To use the most of the fabric, I didn’t trim anything out. I cut it into two rectangular double fold pieces.
The first shirt has no hem with a raw edge to satisfy Anchi’s favor. I hem the second shirt for Anelise. Both of them have the facing on the neckline. The second one has an opening in the back and neckline with a loop and button.
Cutting is easy, but sewing up the facing and opening take the most time.

Photo #3
This blouse is the third one I made from the same pattern. The uneven length garments become very popular in recent years. I changed the way hem the front pieces. Instead of sewing the facing as I did before, I just fold the fabric to hem the edge. It saved so much time to do it this way.

Photo #4
I bought a tiny piece of remnant (half yard long and 45 inches wide) from the fabric store, USA My Lien, on Garvey Ave, Rosemead. The fabric was too small to make anything other than a skirt. I decided to make one for myself. There was no extra material to hem or bind the edges, so I used the other leftover fabric from a dress to do the job. To install a zipper and the slit on the back was not easy to me. I had to check youtube and the dress I made before to relearn the skills. It took me about 10 hours to finish this simple skirt. The waist was too big because I ignored the darts on the pattern. I had to take them apart and redo it. I learned a lesson here. Don’t improvise the procedure! Follow the rule!

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