Chang Family Homemade Dumplings

Chinese dumpling has a particular name because of its shape. Do you think it looks like this object? Yes! We parallel it to the appearance of the ancient treasure and call it “Golden ingot 金元寶.” It is also one of the essential foods for Chinese New Year. The analogy is Read more…

By Marie Chen, ago
A walking Diary

Their hands locked tightly.

I started my daily walk this morning, deciding to buy some peach from the Valumart. On the road leading to the middle school, a grandpa and his middle-school grandson, pulling a rolling backpack, were at the other side of the road. The grandpa tightly held his grandson’s hand as if the boy who, although Read more…

By Marie Chen, ago

The Tree

This is me, my voice is heard only when the wind is blowing. I grow and get old while observing and taking in everything.  

By Marie Chen, ago